About us

We are a professional services firm dedicated to assisting private and public organizations and companies on their trade, investment and international business development strategies in new markets.

Our Story

Global Strategies & Tools commenced its business journey 20 years ago.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development, United States Commercial Service in Colombia, Korea International Trade Association, and Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce are only a few examples of the clients we have partnered with throughout the years.

Our Focus

Our main focus is the Latin American market. It is a strategic market full of potential to be developed. Most of the growth strategies we have implemented over the last few years has been oriented towards promoting Latin America as a market for business, however we are never limited to one single area.

Our reach

We have a secure network that extends all the way to North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. As a team, we have participated in projects and events in practically every single continent and region. In just Colombia, we have collaborated with over 12,000 companies to promote various foreign products and services in different sectors.

Our purpose

We believe that internationalization should be a tool available to every organization no matter its size, industry or products and services.We aim to enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve by connecting people and ideas from all over the world, which subsequently contributes to the growth of organizations, companies and people. 

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